Live Weekly Zoom: Episode 5, Open Forum. Plus: Merch, PLASA Online Conference and more!

We’ve been incredibly busy in the C.R.E.W Camp this week with some exciting meetings to get things rolling with our ultimate goals, so apologies for this being a day later than promised. Let’s not waste any more time though and get right to it with some news, shall we?

Episode 4 of our Live Chats was filled with lots of heart and engaging conversation so we’ve decided to keep the open forum style going for this round. As usual, your feedback is absolutely priceless and we love what you’re all bringing to the table.

We discussed the ongoing restrictions that continue to prevent us from doing our jobs, despite the vaccination rollout. Several key festivals were canceled this week since our discussion, giving way to further proof that what we are doing is so crucial and you all play such an important role in giving us the feedback we need to get this right. A gazillion thank you’s to each and every one of you who continue to join us weekly, and to the new faces that keep coming in.

This week we had musicians, touring crew, journalists, festival organizers, booking agents, production managers, label reps, social media marketers, and people new to the business who just want to learn more about what’s happening in the industry so they can help. We also had Metal Heads Against Bullying in the house, an extremely important non-profit that sheds light on bullying within the metal community and weannounced one of the courses we will be making available when we’re ready to roll those out from Myrockout Promotions.

The first of the C.R.E.W Coalition merchandise was received by their very happy new owners and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! We’d love to see pics of you in your new C.R.E.W Merch, so don’t be shy. Strike a pose, preferably one like Ingi here in his most seductive over the shoulder glance, and spam the hell out of our socials. You can order your merch here. Also coming this week to the store by popular request, is a Trucker Baseball Cap! Here’s a test print so you can already start to drool. Check out the slide show!

Next week, PLASA will be holding a FREE online conference with a packed program of online content for companies and freelancers who work throughout the events and entertainment technology industry. We encourage all of you to sign up and attend. There are lots of exciting panels that we feel you can benefit from.

Covering business solutions, creative inspirations and technical updates, each session was designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to navigate the Covid era of events and entertainment.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Sign up below to reserve your spot in the Live Talks Zoom, Monday, May 10th at 20:00 CEST.

And please don’t forget to invite and encourage your colleagues (and anyone else that you feel would be interested in participating or helping our cause) to follow us on socials and subscribe to the blog. We have a LinkTree now for easy access to all of our channels, which you can access directly below the sign up form here.

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