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C.R.E.W. Coalition Announces Initiative to Empower and Aid Live Event Workers

It has been one full year since the music industry has been sidelined by the pandemic and government restrictions. Event professionals are still out of work, many of whom have been given little to no financial assistance from their government. Now, C.R.E.W. Coalition (Career Restricted Event Workers) is rallying to help empower and aid live event workers who have been negatively affected by these unprecedented events.

C.R.E.W. Coalition is aiming to future-proof the industry by enabling live event workers the opportunity to receive relevant certifications to excel their careers. The goal is to forge links with reputable educational establishments who issue recognized/official accreditation and to provide access to essential certifications will create a far more level playing field in the jobs market. This initiative will also assist in forging relationships with industries who would benefit from the expertise and experience of professionals within this sector as well as getting employers to give people who have parallel experience, but not the usual route, a chance. Other assistance offered includes guidance with CV/resume creation and building a community for both the workers and employers.

Moreover, C.R.E.W. will obtain funding through grants, corporate sponsors, as well as both public and private donors. With these available finances, the aim is to fund courses for approximately 100 individuals during their first year, as well as providing additional services to include, but not limited to: workshops with career coaches and other professionals, resume rewrites, job leads, and a community for people to share their experiences. Live event workers will be given the incentive to complete their chosen program with financial assistance. They will also receive access to resume writers at discounted rates.

C.R.E.W. will be working with globally recognized virtual and in-person certification courses that will allow participants to take their training further both globally and with local, on-site training (restrictions pending). This project is a long-term commitment designed to help sustain our industry for years to come, not only by creating additional and alternative revenue streams for the live events work force, but also to enable those who can no longer fulfil their current roles due to health issues, or injury, or any future crisis. There will be no membership fees and anyone can join from anywhere in the world.

C.R.E.W. Coalition co-founder Erin Lynch explains the origins of the initiative:

“After being turned down for both government financial assistance and multiple funding grants to help me survive the Covid-19 crisis plaguing my business, I realized something – that getting assistance was for something that was completely out of my hands, and a serious threat to a career I have dedicated my life to.

“I began speaking with other colleagues around the world and found that so many of them were in the exact same situation. No one knew who we were because it was our job to remain unseen, behind the curtain. In fact, it was our badge of honor to be the invisible workforce that created the atmosphere to ensure that the audience and attendees receive an event to remember.

“C.R.E.W Coalition was forged with all of this in mind. A place where live event workers can regain their sense of empowerment by taking things into their own hands and not having to rely on slow, or non-existent financial assistance. A chance to enrich their lives and their careers by building on their pre-existing skills and gaining necessary certifications and resume building assistance to make sure they can sustain themselves and their families in trying times.”

In addition to the reach out initiative to event workers in need of assistance, C.R.E.W. is also welcoming any and all sponsors or donors who would like to help fund certification courses and vocational training to upskill individuals so they can remain financially independent during crisis. There are various options where your donations and/or sponsorships can assist us in our mission and be mutually beneficial. We are open to discuss ideas such as, but far from limited to online and in-person events, branding, product placement, and advertising.

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