C.R.E.W Coalition Merchandise and C.R.E.W Community Now Open, Plus Website Update!

Hello fellow C.R.E.W members and supporters! Sorry for the radio silence on posts as of late, but we’ve been hard at work getting everything together for maximum impact and awareness. So let’s start with our new and improved website. We’ve updated everything and added new, clear categories for you to absorb as much information as … Read moreC.R.E.W Coalition Merchandise and C.R.E.W Community Now Open, Plus Website Update!

Live Zoom with the C.R.E.W Coalition!

Meet the C.R.E.W Coalition board and learn more about how we plan on helping you get through this crisis by empowering live event workers with the tools they need to evolve and reinvent themselves for a viable future.  We are conducting small, focused Zoom sessions to better understand your specific needs. Please join us and … Read moreLive Zoom with the C.R.E.W Coalition!

Friday the 13th. 8 Months Later.

I wrote this piece shortly after Midnight UTC this past Friday, November 13th, 2020, and posted it to my personal Facebook page. I thought it was worth a share here at C.R.E.W Coalition. The numbers of those affected by restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 and their ability to work continues to rise, with … Read moreFriday the 13th. 8 Months Later.

Win Concert Tickets For Life!

people at concert

RIGHT? How cool would that be? Yeah, well, you can’t. Sucks, right? But the fact of the mater is that right now, there is no chance for you to do that. Can you imagine a world with no more live, in person concerts? Festivals? Sporting events? Beer Festivals? Trade Shows? No one is winning anything … Read moreWin Concert Tickets For Life!

Survey #2 Is Live!

As part of our ongoing research on where we need to be focusing our attention and energy to better help YOU, we’ve just launched the second of four surveys that we are using as a source to collect anonymous data from anyone who wishes to participate. This second survey, which you can access on the … Read moreSurvey #2 Is Live!

I’d Like To Paint You A Picture

I’d like to paint you a very grim picture. Imagine, as a direct result of the restrictions placed on the live events industry, there was no more new music. No more opera, no more symphonies, no more blast beats coursing through your very being, no more summer one hit wonders, no more pop hits, no … Read moreI’d Like To Paint You A Picture

Live Music = Longer Life

Could being devoid of live events be detrimental to your health? There are several reports floating around that say, “YES!”. Not only from the perspective of the live event workers forbidden from doing our jobs and the mental anguish and financial stress that THAT causes, but also for you, the attendee. Check out just one … Read moreLive Music = Longer Life