Corporate and Private Donors / Sponsors

Have you/your business benefited directly or indirectly through the live entertainment sector? Has your business been affected by the Covid 19 lockdowns in our industry? Do you simply miss trade shows, live events and the networking and entertainment opportunities they provide? Without live event workers, these types of events simply do not exist. It is projected that 43% of all live event industry related businesses will be bankrupt by June of 2021. Therefore, we are asking you to help keep these businesses, employees and freelancers that are in the live events industry sustained and empowered by donating funds that allow us to give these workers a chance to expand on their existing skill set and work outside of the industry when crisis hits.

This is not a quick fix. This is a long-term commitment to keep the workers financially stable. This is also not a one-time funding pay out. We anticipate there will be insufficient work to sustain everyone when things begin to go back to normal. Let’s face it, the industry has changed forever, or at least for the very foreseeable future. In order to keep talent within our industry, it’s important to have event workers diversify their skills to create portfolio careers, thus ensuring additional revenue streams and safeguarding professionals in our industry.

Your donations will allow us to do the following:

–    Fund certification courses and vocational training to upskill individuals so they can remain financially independent during crisis.

–    Fund resume re-writes to present live event workers in a cohesive way for employers outside of our industry to understand.  94% of live event workers have never had to have a resume or CV. Most jobs in this industry are obtained through word of mouth, headhunting, and experience based on previous employers within the live events industry.

There are various options where your donations and/or sponsorships can assist us in our mission and be mutually beneficial. We are open to discuss ideas such as, but far from limited to:

–    Online and in-person events

–    Branding

–    Product Placement

–    Advertising

–    Charity Auctions

–     Cross promotional press

By sponsoring CREW Coalition

–    Access to the music / live events industry, whilst demonstrating your support for the crews behind the events.

–    You will have a new opportunity and platform to promote your product, bringing your brand to the attention of a more
diverse demographic.

–    Elevating your profile within the charitable sector.

 Let’s connect and discuss the mutual benefits of working together.

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