Live Weekly Zoom: Episode 4, Open Forum


Just wow.

Our biggest turnout yet for Episode 4, the Inferno Music Conference aftermath. A massive thanks to the IMC team for graciously donating some tickets to the lucky C.R.E.W Coalition members who signed up early to take advantage of this incredibly generous offer.

I go to a lot of music conferences (well, I did when we were allowed to have live events) and Inferno is hands down, one of the best. Huge kudos to Kristoffer, Bart, and the rest of the IMC team for putting on a spectacular 2 days of well thought out panel discussions, and thanks to the panelists for initiating interesting discussions. And last but certainly FAR from least, thank you to all of the participants in our Inferno wrap-up/after-party on Monday!

We’ve received a lot of incredibly helpful feedback from you all over the past three weeks since we started our ritual Monday live talks. Please DO keep it coming. We are here for YOU, so what you have to say truly matters and we are listening.

Which is why we have decided to have this next Zoom be an open forum discussion, rather than a set topic of discussion.

We’re working hard on getting our mission underway: Giving live event workers the tools they need to reinvent themselves for a viable future through this crisis and the next. We are future-proofing the industry. Our goal, is to keep as many C.R.E.W in the business as possible by offering solutions for them to secure themselves when the unexpected occurs. The best way for us to do this, is to continue to have these weekly discussions, sharing ideas and our individual plights so that we can do this in the most effective way.

This is also why we keep the talks open to not only live event workers, but also to journalists, labels, event sponsors and anyone else directly affected by Covid-19 restrictions placed on live events.

As usual, we need you to sign up by filling in the form below. Sadly, a few people missed out on the last one by sending in the request after we had already begun, so please be sure to get these in BEFORE 19:00 CEST on Mondays.

You’ll receive your link to the Zoom each week via email by the Monday morning of the scheduled Zoom, at the latest. We don’t post the link publicly as we want to try to keep these live talks limited in numbers for now so that everyone has a chance to participate.

The weekly Zooms are scheduled for 2 hours. There’s no band on stage after us or a venue curfew, so it’s ok if we run a bit over, but we DO encourage you all to be on time. We start each Zoom with a very brief introduction of everyone in the room. This is also a networking technique should you choose to want to have a chat with someone after the Zoom, direct a question toward someone in a particular field or simply make new connections and friends. However If you need to jump in a little bit late, or leave before the end of the Zoom, we completely understand and you are still very welcome to join.

Also, we encourage you to keep the discussion going after each Zoom in the C.R.E.W Coalition Community and to send us over suggestions for future discussions.

And finally, please remember to continue to spread the word about C.R.E.W Coalition. Invite colleagues to the C.R.E.W Community and encourage others to follow us on socials as well as subscribing to the blog. The stronger the reach of what we plan on making a global movement to save the C.R.E.W, the more we can help.

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