Artists & Industry

As an artist / musician / band / entertainer, you hold the attention of the public. You can use your voice and reach to help us make some noise about our mission. We know you’re hurting,too. We’ve been united in our struggle during these unprecedented times. 

You can help, by elevating awareness for our combined plight through your channels,
and bringing attention to our charity thus becoming a spokesperson and public supporter
for CREW Coalition.

As a representative in the music / live events industry, you can have an equally important
impact on helping us get the word out. We are all part of a very delicate, intricate
ecosystem and we all need each other in order to succeed and prevail during the best of
times. Now, when faced with what is surely the most trying of times to date, we need all
the help we can get in spreading the word of CREW Coalition and our mission. 

Hashtagging #crewcoalition, linking to our website and socials, sharing our stories and
successes, as well as donation links will be invaluable when it comes to helping us
achieve our goals.