Who Are The C.R.E.W?

  • C.R.E.W is an acronym for Career Restricted Event Workers.
  • Any Career Restricted Event Worker is eligible to join.
  • Touring crew: Production managers, tour managers, merchandise managers, lighting designers, pyrotechnicians, videographers, FOH engineers, monitor engineers, guitar techs, drum techs, keyboard techs, carpenters, riggers, props managers, wardrobe managers, truck drivers, bus drivers, caterers, head of security, body guards,
  • Local crew: Production managers, promoters, stage hands, riggers, caterers, backstage managers, steel workers, forklift drivers, specialty techs that you need there by law to run your fire, lasers and cannons, house technicians, local provider technicians, venue managers, venue staff, runners, security, the tent providers, food trucks, etc.
  • Organization crew: Managers, booking agents, festival owners and operators, bus companies, backline companies, sound companies, lighting companies, trucking companies, shipping companies, travel agencies, ticketing agents, etc.
  • Performers: Musicians, artists, actors, actresses, wrestlers, acrobats, dancers, comedians, etc.
  • And this just barely touches the surface of the dozens of key roles involved for the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have flipped upside down.

Why is this so important?

  • Empowerment –By identifying, utilising and expanding specialised skill sets to create new work opportunities.
  • Purpose – To give our community validation by spreading the word that we are VIABLE and VALUABLE.
  • Raise awareness – Informing the public of what we do, the skills we possess and how our expertise can be utilised to benefit a wide range of businesses.
  • Expanding Employment Opportunities – Many workers are overlooked as they have not followed a linear path which is a parameter used by recruitment agencies. C.R.E.W Coalition endeavors to transform one’s ability to earn a living now and in the future, as well as providing an additional form of revenue. This allows the individual increased financial stability should they find themselves short on work, needing to take a hiatus, or completely leave the industry due to illness, family, or any other circumstance.
  • Live events will take a long time to get back to any sense of normalcy. It is unlikely to sustain the entire current workforce on a full-time basis in the medium to long term. Maybe never. The industry will be forever changed, and it is likely that more and more will need portfolio careers.
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