Educational Institutions

We are seeking discounted course rates with World Class establishments for our applicants / members. CREW Coalition will be funding payments for courses taken at your school / business / establishment through both public and private donations received, as well as government grants and funding.

In general, educational establishments are viewed as expensive and potentially unattainable as a result. A partnership with CREW Coalition will open the door to a mutually beneficial cooperation. This will boost your intake and bring the importance and relevance of higher education and certification programs to light in an untapped market by highlighting your unique courses. This will give your business exposure to a fresh, new, powerful narrative to an industry with exceptional pre-existing skills to build on.

The benefit for you, is additional traffic to your business, as well as being part of a global movement to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands of live event workers who are out of work, by offering them the opportunity to empower themselves.

We plan on running a high-level PR campaign. You will, of course, be listed as one of our charitable partners, therefore building a connection and further reputable trust with the public through this exposure. A feel-good success story that you can highlight, creating a new dialogue between you and other customers.

You will receive testimonials from our members who have completed your courses, both through our channels and through yours therefore, again, increasing traffic to your business model with glowing reviews of successful completion and certification, expanding on their experiences and how your course(s) have helped each individual pave the way to success.

This is a long-term endeavor and we are continuously looking for ways to develop and support our members. Please feel free to contact us at to open up a discussion.