About Us

C.R.E.W Coalition

Career Restricted Event Workers

We are a career occupational group that no one knows exists. We are often unseen. We are often unheard. You never knew we were there, yet we are the ones that are behind the scenes, often times for days and insane hours, ensuring you get the memories of a lifetime. We are the millions of people globally, that are about to become extinct. And we need your help.

Our Mission

No one is coming to our rescue, anytime soon. It has become clear, that it is our duty to come together to create viable solutions to mitigate the current hardships most of our workforce is currently experiencing.

Our mission, is to generate empowerment through awareness by giving you the tools to survive a crisis that threatens to shut down our industry. With this, we can continue to strive, and provide services to the live industry when it returns, while providing additional resources to you, the individual, to prevail.

Our History

C.R.E.W Coalition was founded by people in the live industry community to provide not only a voice for those of us often unheard, but to come up with realistic solutions on how to persevere in light of the current restrictions plaguing our livelihoods, through this crisis and the next.

So what’s next?

While there are currently several key, very important, very effective movements to raise awareness of who we are and what we need from our governments, there has been very little response from the powers that be, globally, to prompt any kind of real solutions to keep us afloat. With each passing week, hope fades for any kind of guarantee on when we can return to work and that we will be taken care of now, or in the immediate future. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that we are going to lose a lot of amazingly talented people, artists, companies, festivals and venues.

It is our hope at C.R.E.W Coalition, that we can provide tools of empowerment to those of you who so desperately need it. We realize this is a bit of a vague statement right now. This is why we are asking YOU what we can do to create a different kind of awareness campaign that will actually yield longterm results for you, providing you with the resources you need to get through this.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to take our survey(s) on the homepage so that we can begin collecting the necessary data to try our best to provide you with the solutions you so desperately need.

This affects all of us. Not just the workers, but also the fans of what we do. Everyone needs to understand the risks involved of losing our industry.

Without us, there are no live events. It’s truly as simple as that.

This is by no means a threat. This is a promise. We have reached critical condition.

If you are not in the live industry, but enjoy going to concerts, getting dressed up for that sci-fi convention, going to the beer festival in your town, attending real life festivals, seeing a musical on Broadway, or any other form of live entertainment or event, then we need your help.

C.R.E.W Coalition was founded by Erin Lynch, owner of FlyingFox AB. We are in the process of building our team, and will be updating the site with everyone’s profiles soon.

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