About Us

C.R.E.W Coalition

Career Restricted Event Workers

We are a career occupational group that no one knows exists. We are often unseen. We are often unheard. You never knew we were there, yet we are the ones that are behind the scenes, often times for days and insane hours, ensuring you get the memories of a lifetime. We are the millions of people globally, that are about to become extinct. And we need your help.

Our Mission

Empowering live event workers with the tools they need to evolve and reinvent themselves for a viable future.

No one is coming to our rescue, anytime soon. It has become clear, that it is our duty to create realistic solutions to mitigate the current hardships most of our workforce is currently experiencing.

Our History

C.R.E.W Coalition was founded by people in the live industry community to provide not only a voice for those of us often unheard, but to come up with realistic solutions on how to persevere in light of the current restrictions plaguing our livelihoods, through this crisis and the next.

So what’s next?

Does this sound like you?

  • I’ve received little or no financial assistance from the government.
  • I’ve applied for funding and got rejected.
  • I’ve applied for countless jobs to absolutely no avail.
  • I’ve taken on a job I hate just to make ends meet.
  • I’m scared that once live events take place, there will be rate wars due to cuts in artists’ fees and a career I’ve dedicated my life to will no longer be sustainable on its own.
  • I’m tired of consistent rejection and being told I am not essential or viable.
  • I feel like no one understands my worth.
  • I don’t have a resume or CV that truly gets my skills across and I don’t know how to explain to people outside of our industry how valuable I can be to any team.
  • I feel generally defeated.
  • I am at the end of my rope. Something needs to change and I need to be the one to change it, but I don’t know where to begin or how.

C.R.E.W Coalition is not an awareness campaign or a one-time payout funding organization.

While there are currently several key, very important, very effective movements to raise awareness of who we are and what we need from our governments, there has been very little response from the powers that be, globally, to prompt any kind of real solutions to keep us afloat. With each passing week, hope fades for any kind of guarantee on when we can return to work and that we will be taken care of now, or in the immediate future. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that we are going to lose a lot of amazingly talented people, artists, companies, festivals and venues.

We work closely with these organizations for the greater cause, and we encourage you to do the same.

But that’s not what we are about here.

This is where you come, when you are truly ready to roll up your sleeves and take action for yourself.

It is our hope at C.R.E.W Coalition, that we can provide realistic solutions to those of you who so desperately need it.

So how do we plan on doing this?

By providing you with the tools you need to reinvent yourself to survive in a world both with and without live events, through any crisis or hardship you may encounter.

We will offer you internationally recognized certification courses to build on your existing skills. You will learn how to transfer your existing skills to a world unfamiliar with us, in a language they can understand. There is a vast ocean of talent among us. It’s time for you to take back control of your life and your career while adding value to your artistry. This is about learning how to create new opportunities and jobs for yourself, while conforming on YOUR terms.

And we’re going to help you.

This affects all of us. Not just the workers, but also the fans of what we do. Everyone needs to understand the risks involved of losing our industry.

Without us, there are no live events. It’s truly as simple as that.

This is by no means a threat. This is a promise. We have reached critical condition.

If you are not in the live industry, but enjoy going to concerts, getting dressed up for that sci-fi convention, going to the beer festival in your town, attending real life festivals, seeing a musical on Broadway, or any other form of live entertainment or event, then we need your help.

C.R.E.W Coalition was founded by Erin Lynch, owner of FlyingFox AB. We are in the process of building our team, and will be updating the site with everyone’s profiles soon.

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