A Little Reminder for Live Talks EPS33…

Don’t forget that tonight we’ll be discussing SMART Goals. Our very own Cerys Aedy wrote a little something to help you focus on the topic at hand:

We Get Knocked Down……

It’s great hearing about transformational success stories but sometimes they’re hard to relate to, especially if we are struggling emotionally and/or mentally.

The sustained effort needed to succeed can be daunting. We view others as more capable, more educated, more financially stable, more confident than ourselves. This, in itself, makes it harder to try let alone sustain the belief that we can achieve our goals.

Having a vision, however big or small, will help guide you, but the reality is that reaching your goals takes lots of small steps, remembering that each one is valuable and counts significantly to your outcome.

We’ll be looking at tools you can implement to help you on your way, including SMART – the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. A helpful aid that Incorporates the main criteria on which to focus effort and help achieve goals.

Even if you don’t think this is you, there are other smaller wins out there. Currently many educational establishments and governments worldwide offering free courses and resources. Take advantage of what’s being offered, even if it’s not something you believe will lead to a career. Broadening our knowledge base, whatever it is, will add to your learnings. It’s amazing the stuff we carry around with us thinking is useless till one day… The lesson here is to take advantage of what is on offer, you never know when you may need it.

Now is precisely the right time to focus on your hopes and dreams as well as your day to day needs in order to create a sustainable and rewarding future. The word in transition and so are we…and maybe it’ll even be fun!

Join us tonight when we’ll be discussing this and more. 

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Wise words from Cerys.

So remember to have your SMART goal ready. You don’t need to share with the group by any means, but we do welcome it.

Another thing to remember, is the The Success Iceburg.

This stuff doesn’t happen over night. No matter how successful one gets, any number of the things you see below the surface have played a factor in each individual’s success. Unless everything has been handed to you due to your last name or something. In which case, please send us money.

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