Live Talks EPS31: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

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Well… here we are.


If you ask us, it just kind of feels like any of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ extended director’s cuts. Sure it’s exciting at first, but ultimately, unnecessary extensions to an already epic saga.

Disclaimer: We love Lord of the Rings. But we think you get the analogy.

Chaos continues to reign since last we spoke. Omicron is sweeping across the lands at epic speeds. Basically, if you’re alive and breathing you’re likely going to get this thing. And once again, the live entertainment sector, more specifically live music, continues to suffer as a result.

So what does the big picture look like? Is this just kind of…it?

Will we have another year of some festivals happening and then go back into lock down the moment someone sneezes from a new variant in the Fall / Winter? How will this affect touring? Will it only be summer touring or seasonal touring? Or are tours done unless you are at a certain level and can afford to slip under the radar or take all of the drastic measures required? Are we just kind of banking on nothing but regional shows at this point?

And what about festivals? How many will we lose as a result of this? What are the actual implications for these brave organizers who have to continuously postpone? Nika Brunet of Metal Days Festival in Slovenia will share with us her current struggles and realizations and Roman Hödl of Eindhoven and Vienna Metal Meetings will also be in attendance.

Obviously it’s very hard to predict anything. Many agents and promoters are extremely concerned for anything happening before Easter. And even more concerned about the Fall and Winter.

And what about funding? Are governments extending funding to the average live event worker for gigs lost? How much longer can they afford to do so?

But the most important question here is:

What are you doing to prepare for the worst? What’s your Plan B? How are you feeling?

Join us here tonight for our first official Live Talks of 2022 at 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT/UTC / 2PM EST / 11AM PST.

As usual…. a few reminders.

This is an open forum and we want to hear from everyone who wants to speak. We LOVE the enthusiasm these bring out in everyone, but let’s be respectful to our fellow C.R.E.W members. 

Please be sure to mute your mic upon entering the Zoom. Once we’re all in, we’ll go through a very brief introduction of ourselves so we know who is in the room. One minute or less. We’ll kick off the conversation with a current topic and let the conversation flow from there. 

PLEASE use the little “raise your hand” emoji in the reactions bar located at the bottom of the Zoom screen if you’d like to say something and one of our moderators will call on you. Be sure to utilize the chat as well if you’d like to add something or share information with the rest of the participants.

The Zoom will be filmed and by attending, you agree to appearing in any future C.R.E.W Coalition free promotional based videos / photos shared on our platforms. We encourage participants to keep their camera on so we can see your beautiful faces, however you can always choose to keep your camera off if you prefer. We will always inform you ahead of time if and when we choose to post audio or video. 

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