Live Talks EPS16: Back To Live, Back To Reality?

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Meeting does not exist: 84541100099.

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Well, procrastination is the name of the game for me this past week. Truly hoping to be able to find my rhythm again this coming week as the weather here in Iceland predicts a glimpse or two of that giant star we on Earth call “the sun” that rarely graces us with its presence on this island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

New restrictions were put in place on Friday, limiting gatherings to 200 and the good ol’ 1 meter social distancing rule is in full swing. I picked up a box of masks in preparation of what’s to come next. Bars are back to 11PM stop serving rules and at midnight, they close.

Anyone else experience new restrictions in your area since we last spoke?

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. It’s late Sunday night and it’s going to be full on this week and I just realized I forgot to eat.

Last week was killer. We talked about our, combined love for Julie Andrews, Meatloaf, the 80’s (all of them) and the moment you KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that this was the life you wanted to live. We’re talking about music, and the soundtrack that paved the way to your career in live events.

Be sure to add to this if you haven’t yet and let us know in the C.R.E.W Coalition Community why the songs you chose rock your world.

Live Talks EPS16

For Episode 16, we’re very curious to hear from those of you who have attended live events within the past month or who plan on attending a live event in the next month. Anyone going on tour soon?

Yes, we know that The Five Man Electrical Band did it first… but how hard does the Tesla version rock? Honestly.

Our topic for Monday: Back to Live, Back to Reality?

As more and more people become vaccinated, how much more are you willing to put up with?

In Czech Republic, you can go to a nightclub, but you are strictly forbidden from dancing. I’m not much of a nightclub person, personally, but isn’t that the point? To dance?

As mentioned, new rules are in place in Iceland, The NL, Australia, etc. Countries that were green lighted turn red in the blink of an eye. A good chunk of people testing positive for Covid-19 are vaccinated, true. But the majority of those who are vaccinated are not dying from it or facing hospitalization. Yes, very sadly, people die from viruses. That’s what a virus does. It attacks the body and tries to kill you. But if the majority of the people out there are talking the necessary precautions to avoid spreading the virus and dying from it, where does this end? We did everything that everybody asked for over a year. We have self quarantined, worked from home, stopped going out, worn masks, social distanced, didn’t see loved ones, didn’t travel. We put everything on hold because, well of course we did! We don’t want to see the healthcare systems get overrun. We don’t want to see people die due to our carelessness. You wanted us to get the vaccine. Cool. No problem. Stick me. But can we please, PLEASE go back to life before Covid?

Or is there truly no going back. Is this the new reality we are facing. And if so, how much more are you willing to put up with? How much risk assessment is involved in your decision making to travel or purchase tickets to something that may or may not happen? What challenges are at the forefront of your mind when making decisions that should seemingly be “a no brainer”?

Tell us what your experiences have been like. Do you still think things are headed upwards? That in a month or two, we’ll be “back to reality”? Or is this real life now?

Also, you should totally Google “David at the Dentist” if these GIFS mean nothing to you. Thank me later.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, here’s the direct link to the Zoom, Monday July26th at 20:00 CEST.

We’ll see you there!

As usual…. a few reminders.

This is an open forum and we want to hear from everyone who wants to speak. We LOVE the enthusiasm these bring out in everyone, but let’s be respectful to our fellow C.R.E.W members. Please be sure to mute your mic upon entering the Zoom. Once we’re all in, we’ll go through a very brief introduction of ourselves so we know who is in the room. One minute or less. We’ll kick off the conversation with a current topic and let the conversation flow from there. PLEASE use the little “raise your hand” emoji in the reactions bar located at the bottom of the Zoom screen if you’d like to say something and one of our moderators will call on you. Be sure to utilize the chat as well if you’d like to add something or share information with the rest of the participants.

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