Live Talks EPS10: Livestreams Past, Present and Future Open Forum

Yup… I know. Truly, I do. This one is late again this week. But that’s only because things are really happening in CREW-land as we continue to solidify our mission becoming your reality and I hate rushing through these posts and sadly, I’m only human (still).

EPS09 featured Tomas Fiala, founder of the legendary Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic. He told us about the struggles he’s been facing and continues to take heed of after moving the regular full 40k capacity festival to a 3000 cap venue version for 2021.

While things DO continue to improve for regional shows moving forward, the EU and the UK still face extreme difficulties when it comes to both regional and international decisions. Things continue to change at record pace as countries are moved on and off the “green” list and regulations for flying in and out of certain countries are consistently being altered.

In the US, the controversy over mandatory vaccinated workers is starting to get even more heated as unions get involved claiming discrimination for those who choose not to be vaccinated.

In Canada, things continue to be incredibly slow moving forward, despite the vaccination finally being rolled out in an efficient manner. Some areas are still under extremely strict lock down and the North American tours that are being announced, are completely skipping Canada in lieu of this.

From an outside music fan perspective, it may seem as though things are truly moving forward but when you really understand what’s going on, it’s almost more discouraging than ever to see progress being made, yet an additional 500 hoops that need to be jumped through, with all of the risk going to the artist / management when it comes to international travel.

Less than 2 weeks ago, we had Chris from Summer Breeze Open Air in the Zoom with us as he explained the obstacles he was still facing and the decisions that their camp needed to make. A week later, they announced the cancellation of this year’s edition of the festival.

This is sadly, far from over, people.

Enter: Ariane Paras from Olympia Coaching.

We invited Ariane in to join C.R.E.W Coalition’s very own Cerys Aedy, a well known certified music industry Coach, as they work on a group career coaching program for our members. Both of these amazing ladies have their early careers rooted in live events and jobs within the music industry and truly understand the struggles of the live event workers and entertainers during these unprecedented times.

Keep an eye on this space (News) and be sure to attend our Zooms every Monday to find out when the first group coaching session will be.

Moving forward, EPS10 is right around the corner! For this next one, we’ll have our very special guest and one of the most amazing humans on the planet, Walter Hoeijmakers, AKA “Walter Roadburn” joining us.

Roadburn Festival takes place in Tilburg, NL in April…normally. This cult classic festival is by far, my absolute favorite. First, it takes place indoors, so no mud. Yay! It takes place in the legendary 013 venue which is hands down, one of my favorite places to see a show (and some of the best crew in the business!), and surrounding venues. The setting of this festival is brilliant as it is right in the city center, conveniently located next to what has been lovingly referred to for years, as “Weirdo Canyon”. A quaint little street with bars and restaurants lining the pedestrian and bike street that you’ll pass en route to the venue where you’re sure to bump into friends and fellow music lovers from across the Globe. People travel far and wide to hit this very special festival every year that also incorporates no shortage of art focused events with galleries and showcases from your favorite well known artists that thrive in the music world. This is a festival that even gets me, one of the most jaded humans on the planet, to fall in love with music all over again and I always, ALWAYS discover something new that gets my pure fan-girl fire ignited again.

He’ll be discussing the challenges he’s faced throughout the pandemic with two cancelled live festivals and shifting this beloved festival to a massive online event that was part livestream, part pre-recorded.

Are live streams here to stay? How do you keep up with the ever-changing technology as each live stream out does the production boundaries of the previous? Is this a sustainable business, should we be forced to do this for another year if travel rules and restrictions for international band and artists continues to reap havoc on budgets? And where will this leave the crew?

Join us Monday, 20:00 CEST, 19:00 BST, 18:00 UTC, 14:00 EST, 11:00 PST and join the conversation. As usual, we’ll hear updates from everyone on what’s happening in their country as we continue to try to maneuver our way around this.

It’s also my birthday week (Erin), so we’ll have an extra special treat in store for those in attendance.

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