Live Talks EPS09: Open Forum, Get Me Off of This Thing

Last week’s EPS08 of Live Talks was truly a great one. We got to hear from Chris “Jäger” from Summerbreeze Open Air as he explained the efforts he and his team have taken to work WITH the government to ensure that they can proceed as planned. With that, he also described the immense struggles and frustrations the team faces with next to no information being reciprocated from the powers that be on if their methods are going to be accepted.

One very interesting thing Chris shared with us, was that the government has mentioned that they have been struggling to find a way to encourage people in their early to mid-twenties to get vaccinated. Summerbreeze conducted a survey from their audience, where the majority of those attending fall within this age group. When asked if being able to attend Summerbreeze would be incentive enough for them to get vaccinated, 1800 out the 1800 participants answered YES.

Is the government ignoring this very useful feedback from the people? Is a key selling point to encourage those hesitant about being vaccinated as simple as we think? The chance to attend live events and festivals again?

See how important surveys are? 😉 Yes, this is a reminder to please take our active survey.

Or what about this news???

What are your thoughts on this?

We also heard from Diana and Stephanie from a very important movement called Let’s Go Forward. Diana explained to us what prompted her to start this non-profit program:

“Let’s Go Forward came about in response to the redundancies announced by Thomas Cook in 2019. 

The initiative centred around an event which aimed to give skills, inspiration and support to help those in our community who were affected.  Although the event was initially conceived for Thomas Cook staff, anyone dealing with redundancy was welcome.”

She and Stephanie also told us about Jobnet, another brilliant initiative that is right up our alley as Career Restricted Event Workers. We’ll be posting more information about this soon, but please be sure to write us at if you’d like to participate in a workshop. It’s FREE. That’s right. FREE, and open to people worldwide, no matter your profession or current work situation. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Right then…on to our next Live Talks.

I feel ya, Mr. Bean. Unimpressed and over it.

Hope rises and dissipates as some festivals and tours continue to attempt to move forward while others cancel and struggle to receive any solid information from their governments. It could feel like you’re on a constant rollercoaster ride. Anyone else sick of this? I know I am. I feel that Mr. Bean’s reaction summarizes a lot of our “I’m over it”ness.

This does NOT mean we should give up, but it is time to take a long hard look at what the future looks like for those of us in the live events industry and how we can start to secure our futures.

Our special guests for next Monday’s Live Talks will offer a glimmer of hope (we hope) and get you excited about a different kind of future. One where you can have it all. We will also be welcoming some new speakers from different perspectives. And as always, we welcome you to give us updates from your area and share your own struggles and victories with us.

No need to sign up. Just click the link when it’s time.

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As usual…. a few reminders.

This is an open forum and we want to hear from everyone who wants to speak. We LOVE the enthusiasm these bring out in everyone, but let’s be respectful to our fellow C.R.E.W members. Please be sure to mute your mic upon entering the Zoom. Once we’re all in, we’ll go through a very brief introduction of ourselves so we know who is in the room. One minute or less. We’ll kick off the conversation with a current topic and let the conversation flow from there. PLEASE use the little “raise your hand” emoji in the reactions bar located at the bottom of the Zoom screen if you’d like to say something and one of our moderators will call on you. Be sure to utilize the chat as well if you’d like to add something or share information with the rest of the participants.

The Zoom will be filmed and by attending, you agree to appearing in any future C.R.E.W Coalition free promotional based videos / photos shared on our platforms. We encourage participants to keep their camera on so we can see your beautiful faces, however you can always choose to keep your camera off if you prefer. We will always inform you ahead of time if and when we choose to post audio or video. 

Finally, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog so you’re always the first person “in the know”.

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