Live Weekly Zoom, EPS08, Monday, May 31st, 20:00 CEST / 19:00 BST


I know.

This is a little bit late.

I’m going to go ahead and use the excuse of the Mega Super Red Moon and Mercury in Retrograde as my cosmic cause for just generally having next to no energy this week. Nonetheless, this is no reason to keep you waiting so I’m fighting through the “blehs” and getting right to it.

Monday’s Zoom was full of engaging conversation, as always, as we welcomed back our regulars and some newbies as well as our featured guest, Tim Brennan of Carry On Touring as he explained a bit more about this movement and the petitions he has initiated as well as the letter to Lord Frost, which received of 1100 signatures.

In case you’re just joining us, before our industry is even out of the Covid-19 woods, the next crisis has been silently lurking in the background:

The dreaded Brexit.

Tim, along with 2 times special guest speaker Ian Smith and expert on how Brexit is going to affect, not only those of us in the live events industry, but the live music and entertainment sector as a whole, shed some more light on what lies ahead for us and how to maneuver your way around the road blocks that lie ahead, in a legal, proper and cost effective manner.

Cabotage is still a real and extremely concerning issue that needs to be monitored closely.

For more information, please be sure to check out both Carry On Touring and Ian’s website filled with lots of free, very useful information. Also, don’t forget to watch and/or re-watch the UK-EU Summit put on by Carry On Touring if you missed it. This is important information for literally everyone who likes things. Yes, that’s right. If you like things, you should watch this.

C.R.E.W Coalition is a proud supporter of Carry On Touring and we encourage you to sign up for the newsletter so you can stay informed.

Massive congrats to Paul Macmillan who was the lucky winner of the draw for a free C.R.E.W Coalition T-Shirt, simply for taking a couple of minutes to fill in our active survey. Have you taken the survey yet? Not sure what you’re waiting for. It will help provide us with the information we need to decide on the first courses that will be made available to members of C.R.E.W Coalition.

Take the survey here.

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Right then…

Next on the agenda, EPS08 is right around the corner! We’re going to forego the sign up this week and just go ahead and give you the link. We encourage you all to invite colleagues from the live events industry or people directly involved with live events like music journalists and labels. Please do not post this publicly, however. Invitation only. Use your best judgment. This is still a safe space for those most effected by Covid-19 restrictions within the entertainment business.

If you can’t make it right on time, that’s fine. Jump in when you can. Although we DO encourage you to be there from the start so you don’t miss anything as we tend to have our guest speakers chime in right from the start. If you need to leave before it’s finished, that’s also no problem. We will miss you, though!

For our next installment, we have some key people coming to join us. Stay tuned for more details, but I don’t think you’re going to want to miss this one.

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As usual…. a few reminders.

This is an open forum and we want to hear from everyone who wants to speak. We LOVE the enthusiasm these bring out in everyone, but let’s be respectful to our fellow C.R.E.W members. Please be sure to mute your mic upon entering the Zoom. Once we’re all in, we’ll go through a very brief introduction of ourselves so we know who is in the room. One minute or less. We’ll kick off the conversation with a current topic and let the conversation flow from there. PLEASE use the little “raise your hand” emoji in the reactions bar located at the bottom of the Zoom screen if you’d like to say something and one of our moderators will call on you. Be sure to utilize the chat as well if you’d like to add something or share information with the rest of the participants.

The Zoom will be filmed and by attending, you agree to appearing in any future C.R.E.W Coalition free promotional based videos / photos shared on our platforms. We encourage participants to keep their camera on so we can see your beautiful faces, however you can always choose to keep your camera off if you prefer. We will always inform you ahead of time if and when we choose to post audio or video.

Finally, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog so you’re always the first person “in the know”.

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