Live Weekly Zoom: EPS07 Sign Up, Carry On Touring UK-EU Summit, and Win a Free T-Shirt!

Another successful Live Talk, where our guest Ian Smith helped bring clarity to an already confusing Brexit kerfuffle as he explained some little known loopholes live event workers need to be aware of. Still have more questions? Missed out and seeking answers? Not to worry. Erin recently interviewed Ian for WILM Radio where he reveals everything we know to date about what touring between the UK and EU (and vice versa) will look like at this point in time. Check out Episode 4 to learn more.

We also discussed the situation in active members’ countries as far as restrictions, festival updates and general concerns as the vaccine continues to roll out with little to no real hope of touring being possible this year despite that.

As always, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a loud shoutout of appreciation and show off our spectacularly good looking participants. So on that note: Thanks you lovely bunch of talented, loyal, determined, smart and totally badass bunch of C.R.E.W Members! You remind us weekly why we’re doing this.

We also mentioned the importance of our current survey and how YOU can be an active part of what courses will be made available to you, the career restricted event worker. We’ve had some really great feedback so far and some brilliant suggestions that has opened our eyes to paths we hadn’t even considered that will now be on the table. Your feedback is so, so important.

Every day we are getting closer to our goals and the more input we continue to receive from YOU, the better we can assist you so you can stay in the industry that you love, AND ensure that you are financially stable to survive any crisis that may prevent you from doing the job you excel at now and in the future.

Please PLEASE encourage your colleagues in the live events industry to take a moment to fill this out.

Oh and did we mention that you are automatically entered to win a sweet C.R.E.W Coalition t-shirt simply for taking a couple of minutes to do this?


We will have a live drawing on Monday, May 24th at out next Zoom meeting, so I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for. Fill it in here and now and be automatically entered to win some cool swag! In the words of Arnie…

And before we get to the sign up for the next Zoom, please be sure to sign up on on Thursday, 14:00 – 16:00 BST (that’s 15:00 – 17:00 CEST) to the FREE UK – EU Summit before 12:00 BST to claim your free ticket to this incredibly important Conference from Carry On Touring.

On the event:

“This important UK-EU Summit will bring together representatives from across the UK and European Union to participate in a day of action and to demonstrate support for creative touring professionals and artists. 

The failure to secure an exemption in the TCA to allow for freedom of movement for those on tour will have a catastrophic impact on both the UK’s and EU’s cultural economies. All touring art forms will be affected and in particular young and emerging artists. Without a return to the negotiating table many jobs and livelihoods will be lost; as well as income for crew, haulage and production, at a time when the sector desperately needs a lifeline. 

Carry on Touring is the UK’s umbrella campaign which all those who and rely on touring can support and sit under. It brings together voices from across the touring, cultural and creative industries sector to secure political and public support for Tim Brennan’s petition. The strength of our campaign is that it is inclusive reaching across the sector, industry and political parties; focusing on the real people, real lives and real jobs affected.”

Erin will be speaking at this conference as well on behalf of C.R.E.W Coalition and her management company FlyingFox AB.

EPS07 of our weekly Live Talks commences on Monday, May 24th. We have a special guest planned for you so stay tuned for more information there. We’ll discuss current situations in various countries and what it means for us when we start to finally crawl out of this Covid hell. We’ll discuss the results of our current survey and as always, keep it an open forum for you, our amazing community, to voice your concerns and ideas.

Sign up here to reserve your spot for our next Zoom. As always, the sign up closes one hour before the Talk begins, so don’t delay, sign up today! Or I’ll continue rhyming, and I mean it! (Anybody want a peanut?)

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