Live Zoom with the C.R.E.W Coalition!

Meet the C.R.E.W Coalition board and learn more about how we plan on helping you get through this crisis by empowering live event workers with the tools they need to evolve and reinvent themselves for a viable future. 

We are conducting small, focused Zoom sessions to better understand your specific needs. Please join us and play a pivotal role in our launch.

We’ll contact you via email with the Zoom link for your preferred date. The Zooms will be with small groups of 6 – 10 people and will be maximum, 90 minutes. 

Since these Zooms have limited space, please be aware that these spots are on a first come basis. If you are unable to attend once you have signed up, please let us know ASAP by contacting us directly at so that we can reschedule you and make space for others who may wish to attend. 

There is no cost to join these meetings. 

We welcome those of you from all aspects of live events, who have been deeply affected by regional, national and international restrictions put in place. 

No need to sign up to Zoom. You will receive a link via email and all you need to do is click it. You will, however need a working microphone, even if it’s the one built into whatever device you choose to participate on. Video will be enabled, however if you choose not to have your camera on, that’s entirely up to you. Although we’d love to see your beautiful faces! 

The idea is to get feedback directly from you, the people who need our help so urgently right now.

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