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C.R.E.W Coalition, survey Number 2.

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This particular survey is for EVERYONE. Even those NOT in the live events industry.

It’s intended for us to get a better idea of how informed the general public is to our situation, and ultimately we (whether you as an attendee understand it or not) to your situation as well.

Going to live events is proven to be good for your health, and can, according to studies, increase your life by up to 9 years! Nine extra years of live music, sporting events, art exhibitions, fairs of all sorts, trade shows, viking and renaissance festivals. If it is live and you’re having fun, it can add fulfillment and joy to your life, therefore extending it.

We miss the hell out of that.

Do you?

How much do you really understand about what goes on behind the scenes and how big of an impact these restrictions are having on society, as a whole? Are you aware that, as a direct result of restrictions put in place specifically and almost exclusively on live events, that we are indeed, on red alert and struggling to find ways to keep our industry alive, not only for us, but for humanity’s well-being?

There are no right or wrong answers in this survey. No need to research what the correct responses could be. Take a guess. This is not a test. You are not being graded.

Just go with your gut instinct for those questions related to the business, and with your heart for those pertaining to your personal experiences. This is completely anonymous, and the data collected will be used to help figure out ways that we at C.R.E.W Coalition can make an impact in saving as many of us as possible, while insuring that when the time comes, things are able to run as normal so you can continue creating wonderful memories at the events we love putting on for you. We’re interested in finding out how this is affecting you, the attendee.

We encourage you to share, subscribe here and follow all socials. At the end, if you would like to be kept informed, we do ask for your email address. While we DO hope you’d like to receive updates from time to time, you are under no obligation. If you would like to bypass this and subscribe on your own, or simply not be kept in the loop, click “No thanks”, and you will not receive the email form prompt. Your email address will NEVER be shared with second, third, fourth, fifth or even sixth parties. It won’t be shared with anyone. Ever.

Again, there are no wrong answers here. Thank you so much in advance for your time. Your input is invaluable.

Please note, in the second to last question we are not asking for you to donate. This is a hypothetical question to see what you WOULD be willing and able to donate taking that hypothetical scenario into consideration.

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Thank you so much for your time. Don’t forget to share this so we can collect the most data possible.

If you’re interested, we posted a piece yesterday that may help put things into a bit of a clearer perspective for you. You can check that out here.

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