Live Music = Longer Life

Could being devoid of live events be detrimental to your health? There are several reports floating around that say, “YES!”. Not only from the perspective of the live event workers forbidden from doing our jobs and the mental anguish and financial stress that THAT causes, but also for you, the attendee. Check out just one article here that points out the pros of attending a live concert.

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2 thoughts on “Live Music = Longer Life

  1. It’s really quite simple. Although we’re not viewed in the same way, it’s the same as removing any artistic expression from the world. Not being able to collectively express joy, pain, or any other emotion effects our mental health as an average human being. Live events intensify the expression of living. Add to that as worker, the loss of income and a sense of community, we are naturally inclined to depression or at the very least a sense of loss and being lost.

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